Structure of Dominican business


Structure of Dominican business

CONEP is the organization that brings together most of the private companies in the Dominican Republic; its leadership is based on the credibility gained by its consistent track record in the areas in which it develops.

The National Council for the Private Sector, CONEP, is the umbrella organization of the business sector of the Dominican Republic, and is also an inter- associated body integrated by business organizations and private companies. As an umbrella organization, it integrates the main business associations in the country, and its membership consists of the main leaders of the sector. Also, the main regional organizations and prominent special organizations; along with the leading private companies in this Caribbean nation are related to CONEP.

CONEP’s philosophy is the development of the country

MISSION. To lead the strengthening of the free enterprise system, by actively participating as an agent of change and transformation in the consolidation of democracy and its institutions, to promote the economic and social development of the Dominican nation.
OBJECTIVES. The defense, development and diversification of the national economy based on the private enterprise system and private initiative within a legal system that guarantees fundamental human rights.
The representation, meaning, support and defense of its members, according to the Statutes and to the ruling of the General Assembly of Members, the directors and the Executive Committee.
VISION. We are committed to leading the business sector and promoting the sustainable economic and social development of the Dominican Republic. To serve as agreement exchange place of business org’s. We promote a model of professional and transparent relationship with the State, which is based on actions that influence the design and implementation of public policies.
We are an organization with high technical level at the service of the private sector. We implement institutional actions to promote free enterprise, improve the business and investment climate, higher levels of institutionalism, productivity, competitiveness, economic growth, the formalization of our economy and the private formal employment.
To attain these goals CONEP has proposed, among other actions, to resolve and support those matters concerning the principles and common interests of its members before the branches, agencies and public or private entities.
Collaborate with the State and its self-governing bodies in solving problems affecting the national economy, promoting the development of economic activities that benefit the country and increasing general welfare.
Represent and defend the collective rights of its members and coordinate the activities and actions of business sectors of the country. Advise its associates in the defense of their rights. Defend the right to private initiative and free enterprise; the right to private property as established in the Constitution.
Ensure the union of the business sector and push for the coordination of their social activities.
Encourage understanding between worker-management within the framework of the law without damaging the parties and maintaining cordial relations and the right balance that benefit both, favoring the progressive improvement of the employees and workers, increasing production and establishing social justice. Establish relationships with similar institutions in other countries and with international organizations, whose principles and activities are consistent with those of the Council.
Assume the functions of the Dominican Section of the American Council of Commerce and Production (CICYP) pertaining to the Organization of American States (O.E.A.), taking charge of all the rights and obligations associated with this representation

The relationship with the State and society

CONEP is related to the State and society through a model of professionalism and transparency. We promote public-private partnerships for institutional and economic development of the nation. We are the main partner of the government in discussions on economic, fiscal and labor issues. We have representation in 37 public bodies and councils, as established in various laws and regulations, among which include the National Council for Social Security (CNSS), the Economic and Social Council (CES), the National Wage Committee, the Endowment Fund of the Reformed Enterprises (FONPER), the National Emergency Commission and the National Council for the Children (CONANI), among many others.

Institutional organization

The General Assembly of Members: It is CONEP´s supreme authority, composed by all Member Associations and the Cooperating Companies. It is responsible for the election of the Board of Directors, the President of CONEP, and the modification of its statutes.
Board: It is CONEP´s permanent superior authority. It is the governing body composed of members of the Board of Directors, all Member Associations and the representatives of the Cooperating Companies. It is the most representative corporate body of the Dominican Republic, currently integrating the 24 members of the Board of Directors and more than 50 business associations. It regularly meets every two months.
Board of Directors: This is the body responsible for the direction, administration and ongoing management of CONEP, and affairs related to CONEP. It is the decision- making body and permanent monitor of matters of institutional interest and is currently comprised of 24 members.
President: The main institutional and legal representative of CONEP and the main spokesperson for the organization. Presides over the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, is in charge of summoning and chairing the meetings.
Executive VicePresidency: The support for the Board of Directors and the President. Directs the technical and administrative activities of CONEP. Currently leads over three directors, namely: Administrative and Financial Direction, Research and Development Direction and Communications and Institutional Relations Direction. The Executive Vice President represents CONEP in public or private events when necessary.

Institutional Overview

Research and Development Direction (DID): It is responsible for direct management of the technical resources of the institution; it favors a strategic and operational framework for the promotion of the organizational development and modernization of CONEP´s framework. It also analyzes public policy, recommending institutional actions and preparing reports on topics of institutional interest. Additionally, it monitors the regulatory activity of the State.
Communications and Institutional Relations Direction: Organizes and manages the entire external and internal communication platform for CONEP.
It manages the ongoing relationship with the media, its own media and social networking accounts. It is responsible for the organization, promotion and dissemination of events and institutional programs. It is responsible for monitoring, communication and membership services that CONEP provides.
Administrative and Financial Direction: this department is responsible for the support services of the institution, as well as direct administrative management of the financial resources of the institution and its human resources. It is the unit responsible for providing the resources and basic services necessary for the proper performance of the institutional activities.


Representatives of hard work and commitment for a better country.

Cooperating Companies A

Acero Estrella S. A.
AES Dominicana
ARS Humano
ARS Palic Salud S. A.
Banco BHD-León
Banco Popular Dominicano
Bepensa Dominicana S.A.
Caucedo Multimodal Free Zone S.A.
Central Romana Corporation
Cervecería Nacional Dominicana C. por A.
Claro Dominican Republic
Ege Haina
Gerdau Metaldom
Grupo Marti PG
Grupo Propagas
Grupo PuntaCana S. A.
Industrias San Miguel S.A.
Orange Dominicana
Pasteurizadora Rica S. A.
Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation
Scotiabank Dominican Republic
Seguros Universal C. por A.

Cooperating Companies B

Compañía de Electricidad de San Pedro de Macorís (CESPM)
Consorcio de Tarjetas Dominicanas S.A.
Envases Antillanos C. por A.
Grupo Vimenca

Cooperating Companies C

Body Shop Athletic Club
Caribe Tours
Citi Dominican Republic
Diesco Limited Inc.
Falconbridge Dominicana S.A.
Grupo Malla (Molinos Modernos)
Interquímica S. A.
Línea Clave Internacional
Metro Servicios Turísticos
Young & Rubicam Damaris

Cooperating Companies D

Ariza Ariza & Asociates
Av. Blandino S.A.
Banco Múltiple Lafise S.A
Banesco Banco Multiple S.A.
Industria Cartonera Dominicana
J. Armando Bermúdez
Laboratorio de Referencia S.A.
Latin American Free Zone Investments Dominicana
NTD Ingredients
Pagés BBDO & Compañía S. A.
Tropicalia Holding

Cooperating Companies E

Headrick Rizik Álvarez & Fernández
Miniño Lawyers


The Dominican business is backed by the ongoing support of a team of entrepreneurs.


ADominican Electric Industry Association Inc. (ADIE)
Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic Inc. (ASONAHORES)
Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic Inc. (AIRD)
Commercial Banks Association of the Dominican Republic Inc. (ABA)
Dominican Agribusiness Board (JAD)
Dominican Association of Free Zones Inc. (ADOZONA)
Dominican Association of Health Risk Administrators (ADARS)
Dominican Association of Pension Fund Administrators Inc. (ADAFP)
National Organization of Commercial Enterprises Inc. (ONEC)
Santo Domingo Chamber of Commerce and Production


American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHADR)
Association of Businessmen and Manufacturers of Santiago Inc. (ACIS)
Association of Manufacturers of the Northern Region Inc. (AIREN)
Dominican Chamber of Insurers and Reinsurers Inc. (CADOAR)
Employers ‘Confederation of the Dominican Republic (COPARDOM)
Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Production
Ship owners’ Association of the Dominican Republic (ANRD)


Associated Representatives - Importers of Wines and Spirits (RIVLAS)
Association of Distillers of Dominican Rum (SARD)
Association of Producers of Dominican Rum (ADOPRPN)
Association of Representatives Agents and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Inc. (ARAPF)
Association of Soft Drink Industries of the Dominican Republic Inc. (ASIBEGAS)
Dominican Association of Constructors and Housing Developers (ACOPROVI)
Dominican Association of Corporate Investment Fund Managers (ADOSAFI)
Dominican Association of Couriers (ASODEC)
Dominican Association of Insurance Brokers Inc. (ADOCOSE)
Dominican Association of Isolated Electrical Systems (ADOSEA)
Dominican Association of Jewelry and Artisans Inc. (ASODOJO)
Dominican Association of Medical Retainers & Health Risk Administrators Inc. (ADIMARS)
Dominican Association of Pharmaceutical Industries Inc. (INFADOMI)
Dominican Association of Rice Factories Inc. (ADOF)
Dominican Association of Security Companies Inc. (ADESINC)
Dominican Association of the Cigarette Industry (ASOCIGAR)
Dominican Association of Trust Companies (ASOFIDOM)
Dominican Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CODOPYME)
Dominican Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic Dominican (COPYMECON)
Dominican Exporters Association (ADOEXPO)
Dominican Republic Association of Stockbrokers (APB)
Dominican Republic Stock Exchange
Landowners and Farmers Association Inc. (ADHA)
Mining-Oil Chamber of the Dominica Republic (CAMIPE)
National Association of Clinics and Private Hospitals (ANDECLIPS)
National Association of Distributers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (ASONADIGAS)
National Association of Owners of Private Laboratories (ANDELAP)
National Association of Pharmacy Owners Inc. (ANDFA)
National Association of Rent Cars Inc. (ANDRI)
National Association of Young Entrepreneurs Inc. (ANJE)
Pharmacies Union Inc.