The ideal scenario for doing business


The ideal scenario for doing business

The main destination for business in Dominican Republic is, without doubt, Santo Domingo, a modern and cosmopolitan city where everything is possible.
Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic. The city is located on the Caribbean Sea, at the mouth of the Ozama River. It was founded by Bartholomew Columbus in 1496, on the eastern bank of the Ozama River and then moved by Nicolás de Ovando in 1502 to the western bank of the river. It is known to be the location of the first European settlement in America, and the first base of Spanish colonial rule in the New World.
Greater Santo Domingo has an administrative division which includes the National District and the provinces of East, West and North Santo Domingo. For this reason, it involves four municipalities with a population of around 2 million 700 thousand inhabitants.
Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) is the main port of entry, located half an hour east of the city. Cruise passengers arriving in Santo Domingo are 10 minutes from the Colonial City, the most important attraction of the city.
Santo Domingo is one of the biggest cultural, financial, political, commercial and industrial centers of the Dominican Republic; several of the country’s industries are located within the city.
Santo Domingo also serves as the country’s main port. Port of San Souci is located at the mouth of the Ozama River and welcomes large vessels and is prepared to receive both passenger and freight cargo traffic.
The city attracts many international companies and franchises; and the headquarters of several companies’ regional offices are located in Santo Domingo. This metropolitan city has an adequate roads, hotel infrastructure (over 3,000 rooms) and services, suitable for most business operations. The development of the city’s excellent telecommunications infrastructure is prominent.
The economic growth of the city is very noticeable in increasing building of towers, shopping centers, highways, and the increase of commercial activity.
The zones of greatest economic development are located in the central area of the city (National District), which is framed by John F. Kennedy Ave. to the north, George Washington Ave. to the south, Gregorio Luperon Ave. to the West and Maximo Gomez Ave. to the east. Its residential areas and its active nightlife mainly characterize it; while avenues such as Nuñez de Caceres, Romulo Betancourt and Gustavo Mejia Ricart, have become very important for the successful new businesses of different levels that have installed there.

The dynamism of a cosmopolitan city

Santo Domingo is the liveliest, cosmopolitan and welcoming city of the Caribbean and Central America. It is a metropolis that has everything to welcome visitors and has a modern transportation system thanks to the Santo Domingo Metro, the cable car; as well as parks, theaters, cinemas, and a varied choice of cuisine in its many traditional restaurants.
It is advisable to visit the Colonial City, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, where there is a sample of the architectural jewels of the XVI to XX centuries. Cobbled lanes and iron street lamps will take you to small and numerous museums, shops, hotels, bistros, bars and restaurants that distinguish this area of the city.
Leaving the Colonial City, you can marvel at the dynamism and vitality of the National District and observe the great variety of booming shopping centers and department stores. In addition, the city offers diverse businesses, retail, brand shops, restaurants, offices, banks, and malls where you can find everything and for every taste.
So you can access Dominican origin stores if you want to purchase a linen guayabera, a leather briefcase or attire by local designers, especially in the central area, where you will also find international and prestigious firms.

Oportunidades de Inversión


The economic activity in the Dominican industry remains high. All sectors of the industry, according to their size, exhibit growth, highlighting the micro-industry sector which showed a strong recovery by going from 55.0 in November to 72.5 in December of 2015.


This sector is the engine of manufacturing exports activity. According to economic studies conducted by international firms, it is identified as one of the sixteen emerging economies that together, will gradually replace China in the export of manufactured goods.


There are many growth opportunities for the sector. A sample of them are investments by chains like J. W. Marriott, Embassy Suites by Hilton, Hard Rock Hotel and Santo Domingo Royal Intercontinental Hotel, which are sign of the dynamism of the sector.


In the last decade this sector has presented a potential growth with the creation of Shopping centers, malls and family entertainment spaces, among them Blue Mall, Novo Center, Agora Mall, Galeria 360, Sambil; and Down Town Center which is under construction.

The construction sector is one of the most dynamic and modern in the Caribbean region. Likewise, the city has five providers of fixed telephony services, four mobile telephony providers and eight providers of internet access (ADSL, Cable Modem, Wimax, 3G and 4G).