Business development that strengthens the Nation


Business development that strengthens the Nation

CONEP, a dynamic and modern organization servicing its members, is committed to participation and transparency, through the thorough use of information technology and social networks. Its Executive Vice President, Rafael Paz is responsible for ensuring th

How can you be part of CONEP?

Associations and interested companies must send a letter of application to our office which expresses their interest to be part of our membership.
Then the company or organization completes a registration form which thoroughly evaluates the institution. After exhausting the above process, it is necessary to submit the request to the Board of Directors for approval of the membership.

What are the benefits of belonging to CONEP?

CONEP draws together the economic leadership of our country and is the main representative voice, which stands as one of the pillars that supports the democratic system of the Dominican nation.
Belonging to CONEP membership means:
• Being part of the largest network of organizations and businesses, and having the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of the free enterprise, democracy and the country’s institutional framework.
• Having a say in the selection of the Board of Directors and the President of CONEP.
• Having participation and representation in CONEP ´s internal decision making and work commissions.
• Having access to updated and quality information related to decisions of the State and its institutions; as well as accurate material on the positions of the various economic sectors.
• Allowing participation in the design of proposals and discussion of issues favoring defense and strengthening of the business sector with national and international reach.
• Having a voice through CONEP in different spaces and commissions for social supervision.
• Entitled to submit proposals and positions for discussion, and when required, present negotiations with the State, civil society or other guilds.
• Support from the Union for the defense of the interests of the private sector, which comprises CONEP´s membership and other similar national and international entities.
• Representation through CONEP in opportunities for negotiation and monitoring of agreements and national and international treaties.
• Access to inside information on issues, activities and events of interest to the sector as well as advances and researches.

What topics does CONEP handle?

In our role as promoters of the effective impact on the definition of public policies affecting the development of the business sector, CONEP has formed important working committees that address the most important issues for the sector. These are: Country Brand Committee, International Relations and Regional Impact Committee, Special Committee on Social Security, Monitoring Committee of the Reform of the Electric Sector National Pact, Monitoring Committee on the Draft Legislation on Securities Market, Transportation System Committee, CONEP´s Special Committee on Environment and Real Estate Jurisdiction Committee.
We also have impact on important issues such as The Development of the proposal of the business sector on the Fiscal Pact and participation in the Trialogue for the Labor Code Reform.
Other laws and projects that we analyze and monitor are: Law Proposals on Land Management and Land Use, Coastal and Marine Resources Project, Bill regulating Exploitation, Use and Development of Water Resources in the Dominican Republic, Water Law Draft of the Dominican Republic, Law Proposal on the Reform of the Water Sector and Sanitation, Bill that decentralizes the Administration of Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage, Bill for Payment for Environmental Services and the Draft Law on Solid Waste Management.

What is CONEP’s strategic plan?

Every four years CONEP organizes the Great Business Convention, a forum for exchange and consultation of the economic sectors of the country, which aims to generate agreements and unify criteria regarding the issues of greatest interest to the industry, as well as matters of national interest.
This is the most inclusive space for consensus of the sector. The proposals agreed during the Business and Convention become part of CONEP´s Strategic Plan for the next four years. During the eighth version of the Great Convention held in 2015, five priority issues were agreed through a voting process. These are:
1. Amending the Labor Code
2. Carry out a structural reform of the tax system that allows improvement of tax revenues, without affecting competitiveness; achieve quality in public expenditure; gradually reduce public debt; and streamline tax exemptions.
3. Provide constant quality electric service at competitive prices, through the reduction of losses, targeting the electricity rates and increasing management efficiency to ensure financial sustainability of the distribution companies.
4. Ensure efficient and competitive service of land freight and passenger transport, eliminating monopoly and ensuring freedom of contract.
5. Achieve an independent, accessible, efficient and effective, Judicial Power with impartial judges that only responds to the provisions of the legislative system.

What support does CONEP provide investors?

We are a channel that allows investors to access the Dominican market with clear information of which public and private institutions will be their best allies. We provide the latest statistics, in addition to assistance and follow-up through entities within the association. CONEP has a highly trained professional team, specialized in legislatiions, communication strategy, economy, trade, investment, real estate issues, among others. The organization offers a platform for logistical support at the service of those interested in investing in the country.